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Sunday, 18 June 2017

5 Books that will change your life

Books are meant to help us fashion out a way to deal with our life financially, maritally, socially, spiritually and of course, emotionally.
Books are mentors and the best of friends we could ever have. Best of friends I ever had. Of course, I have people I go to. One of them is reading this, I hope.
Every of the problems we are encountering now or that we may encounter have been solved, if not 100%, but to some extent by people who thread the path before us and those who had experienced what we are experiencing now.
If you want to be successful in any area, shouldn't you read about successful men and women? Shouldn't one know how they were able to be? Oh good! You just nodded your head.
Feed your mind with good stuffs.
Below are some of the books that one should feed himself with links to download them.

1. Think and Grow Rich
This wonderfully written book was written by Napoleon Hill in 1937. Its been long, seriously.
When I read the book, I wished I had read it 3 years ago. If you can read it with open mind, you are not likely to remain the same.
The book contains simple but powerful 13-steps formula to help you to; Identify your goals, master the secret of true and lasting success, obtain whatever you want in life, and join the rank of the super-successful.
Download here

2. As a man Thinketh
Thoughts are things. Written by James Allen centuries ago. Read the review here.
Read it to be in total control of your thoughts no matter your chosen field.

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3. No excuses! Power of self-discipline
Brian Tracy did justice to how we can be disciplined. It was published six years ago.
If you want to be disciplined in whatever area you choose, you've gotta read it.
It contains 21 different areas where one needs to be disciplined.
Everything is based on discipline.
Download here.

4. Rich Dad Poor Dad
One of the best books I have ever read. I can't believe I read it for the first time few months ago.
The book was written by Robert Kiyosaki. Am very sure many have read it. If you have not, you are about to.
If you want to have full understanding of what investments are, if you want to learn how to make your money work for you, please read the book. Your life, financially, can't be the same after reading the book.
Download here

5. The wealthy barber returns
A Canadian-based economist, Dave Chilton, wrote this wonderful book.
The book will reveal to you to be financially stable, if not independent.
Currently, it is the book am reading. And I wished I had read it years ago.
If you care to know where your saving is going wrong, why you have not been able to save, read the book. People that did, will testify.
And, you can't help but to laugh. He is funny.
Download here.

Happy reading!!!
Which books will you like to share with me too? Am eager to know!

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  1. Hello. Do you have written permission to offer free, electronic copies of these books on a large scale? I don't' want to violate anyone's rights or the law. Thanks!

    1. Hi J,
      Thanks for asking that. Don't you worry about violating others right. Some of these books were sent to me by the authors. And some were sent to me by friends who like reading like me.
      Since am not doing it for money, I do not think am infringing on their rights.
      What is the use of keeping what I read to myself alone?
      Am currently working on the copyright permission and I will keep working on it.
      Once again, thanks!

      Please, share with any other things I need to put in place.

      Obembe S.D




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