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Tuesday, 15 August 2017


Would you like to know some inside tips for being successful? Have you dreamt of being your own boss? Are you looking forward to making it big as a businessman? Then this book is for you!
Edited by: Ronnie Belanger & Brian Mast

Profiles of Success reveals how great men have succeeded in business, marriage, and spirituality. And also, how they were able to combine the three. Just like the saying that, ‘if you want to make a difference just like people of the past, you’ve gotta learn how they were able to do it.’ It’s cool when learning from history.
This book also reveals the life of Christians in business environment. If you are a Christian or religious and you are planning to go into business, you will do well by reading this book. If you are confused as to how  to combine business life with stuffs like spirituality, marriage, relationships etc, you will do well by having this book in your library.
Learning and stretching ourselves to succeed beyond the commonplace is what the book and stories inside are all about. We can make a difference, each one of us can touch one life at a time. Yes we can.
“we align ourselves with the precepts of God, hold ourselves to His standard, compromise less, wheel and deal honestly, keep relationships with families alive and flourishing, treat our fellow workers and assistant in respectful regard, and then with all these our drive to succeed must not be diminished.”
–Mrs Ronnie Belanger.
If you knew how to find the secrets to success, wealth and happiness, you would probably sell everything you had to acquire it. The book ( Profiles of Success) is not guaranteed to make you rich, but it will change your paradigm (the lens with which you see the world).

Profiles of Success is about three things;
  1. Defining success: What is your definition of success? Financial independence? Fame? Power? Ask anyone who has reached a lofty height they will tell you money or fame alone does not satisfy.
  2. How to achieve success: Viewpoints from renowned best-selling authors such as Zig Ziglar, John Mason, Larry Burkett among others have been combined to help develop our character, maximize our potentials, spiritually, financially, and personally.
  3. A glimpse at the lives of 17 successful men who have helped to shape the fabric of our economy, beliefs and political landscape.
Profiles of Success will change the way you look at life. No matter what your destiny, you are sure to become success.
It will be awesome to have a copy on your bookshelf.
Rating: 4/5 Stars

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