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Friday, 2 June 2017


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Seeing is believing they say. I didn’t see it but I read about it.

The story Brian Mast talked about in Profiles of Success under the content “character and integrity. Dr James P Gills was born in August 30, 1934.  He received his medical degree from Duke University Medical Center in 1959.

He has not raced along the road of  life, he has paved the streets and developed the land on either side. There is one quality he possessed – he had unwavering discipline in every area of his life.
As at the time the book, “Profiles of Success was written, he had done more cataract and  lens implantation surgeries more than anyone else in the world of ophthalmology. In sport, he was recognized as the only person in the world who had completed 6 Double Iron Triathlon in less than 33 hours. 48 Marathons and 16 endurance events of 100 miles or more as at that time.  What a man!

Discipline and commitment to excellence paved ways for his achievements. Hard work ethic had been instilled into him since he was a boy by his Dad. He was renowned among the top most experienced eye surgeon in the world.
He was criticized, guess no one is above that. When you stick your head  up above the crowd, somebody is going to take a swing at it.” He said that whenever he was asked why he was criticized that much.

He finds little time to sit idle. He published more than  195 medical articles, and co-author 8 medical reference textbooks. He always tries to maximize his time and energy, he co-own the World Triathlon Corporation  purchased in 1991 for $3million. He sees himself as a participant rather than a competitor. He runs with determination, and although he may not finish first, he wins every time.
He recommends that every individual find a sport that they like and dive wholeheartedly into it. The difference it will make in their lives, he encourages, will be great and well worth the effort. He also said, discipline in his relationship with God and exercise are essential in his life.”

Self-pity, is a harmful luxury that destroys. He would like to stay in bed at times, but he pushed himself out of bed to keep going.
As I read about him, I found out that, he had an astute understanding of business.
He also said, “If you are a giver, you will be taken care of and you will be happy. If you are a person who wants to be a receiver, you will never be.”
Avoid spending time on non-important things.
Read more about him here

I believe you learnt one or two things from him. Feel free to share it via comment. 

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